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CREATED 08-26-2003

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For something less then nine years Link to Lyn Buchanan's siteLyn Buchanan was a remote viewer in the U.S. Government's Project STARGATE, and, during that time, he was training military and government Remote Viewers.

Presently, he is executive director of Problems>Solutions>Innovations (or short PSI), originally a data analysis company, but after the CIA has, in December of 1995, declassified information about remote viewing technique, due to overwhelming demands for training and services, PSI now spends more than 90% of its time involved in special type of remote viewing works called Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV.

A continuing public service which is sponsored solely by Lyn Buchanan himself, and which uses the volunteer services of other remote viewers and his own graduated students, is "The Assigned Witness Program", that performs free CRV services for police and other public-sponsored investigative agencies. 

Mr. Buchanan is considered to be one of the best remote viewing trainers. His website is linked to his photo.


At age of 12, he has experienced several events which could be only described as psychic. However, as he was growing up in the East and Central Texas, which is often referred to as "Bible Belt", such things were never admitted to happened to decent people. Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, this tendencies of his, were not suppressed. They went largely ignored and/or hidden.


Finishing high school, he went into the U.S. Army and served for 3 years as a computer systems technician, after which, as civilian, he has worked for about 5 years for the IBM Corporation in El Paso, Texas. Realizing that a lack of education holds people back in such corporations, he returned to East Texas to attend college. During his college years, his special capabilities all but atrophied, except for occasional uncontrolled events, when some emergency, tragedy, or anger brought long-forgotten subconscious talents to the surface.

Having obtained a Master's degree at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, he taught foreign languages in rural East Texas junior and senior high schools for several years. After a 12 years after he has left the military, he returned to the U.S. Army and become a linguist within the US Intelligence and Security Command. His first "second" languages being German and Spanish, he spent the first year of his enlistment studying Russian at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.

Afterwards he was stationed in Japan as Russian linguist for four years, where he also gained a small proficiency in Japanese and Mongolian. For his last 12 years in service, he was the only Mongolian linguist in the US military.

Link to the HISTORY OF THE FUTURE articleFrom Japan he returned to the Defense Language Institute for another year to attend their intermediate Russian course and was then assigned to a 4 year stint at the US Intelligence Field Station in Augsburg, Germany. Here, due to his extensive ability with computers, he was mostly used as a systems designer and programmer for the uncountable number of US and foreign-manufactured mainframe and mini-computers.


It was in Augsburg that his psycho kinetic ability resurfaced one fateful day in an event, parts of which are still classified. 

On the right is the image of 701st MI Brigade's Sheridan Kaserne in Ausgburg, Germany, that is linked to the article HISTORY OF THE FUTURE elsewhere on this site, that speaks about the Gulf Breeze 6 event that took place there few years afterwards

Shortly thereafter, Major General Albert Stubblebine, who was at that time Commander of the U.S. Intelligence and Security Command, decided to transfer him to the Washington, D.C. area, where he spent last 9 years of his military service in a special assignment. There he has studied the CRV protocols and methodologies which had been developed by Ingo Swan, Ph.D., a father of US remote viewing program some years earlier. He quickly became proficient at using this techniques. 


After retirement from the U.S. Army in 1992, he settled down in Mechanicsville, Maryland, and began working as computer consultant, mostly at governmental contracts. At the same time, he began building his own company, the PSI.

Among the other assignments it is known that he has been requested by US government to search for Osama Bin Laden. 


On 06.06.2000 Lyn Buchanan was interviewed by Jim Marrs, a renown journalist and writer. For long time sound files of this interview were available on Jim Marrs's site to anyone for free, as if Marrs and Buchanan wanted that it's content becomes known to as many people as possible. 

Then, one day, files just disappeared.


What follows is an accurate description of this interview. Wording used is mostly that Lyn Buchanan has used himself.



Link to Ingo Swan's websiteAccording to Lyn Buchanan, he was trained by the military to take his psychic abilities and his mind, and go out for controlled remote viewing, so he could view enemies, and other things that were going around. 

When some of the remote viewers were send out to look for things pretty conventional, like nuclear sites or atomic submarines, or something like that, they encountered things they had not expected.


One time, at one meeting, while Ingo Swan was tracking a submarine he just happened to mention that there was a UFO overhead. 

Everyone around the table laughed, and Swan was told:

"OK, well, track it for us to tell us what is doing",

and then they send the word out about it with request to have the radar readings. 

They never got feedback on that. 

The real purpose for that meeting was to see if they were going to get funded for another year. Immediately after their request got out they got funded.

Ingo Swan's website is linked to his photo on the right, that was taken during experiments in Psychic Lab in New York in 1993.



During his interview Lyn Buchanan said that the first exposure to things alien he had was, probably, about 20-25 years before he has got to in to the unit. It was a personal abduction experience. He does not usually talk about that very much.


At that time he was a circuit riding preacher in a little Methodist church in east Texas. 

One night he was getting ready to move out of the parsenidge, they were mowing to a new circuit of churches. His  family has gone on and he was just there alone packing the last bit of stuff in to the boxes. Suddenly, he had to lie down on the floor and he has heard this thing coming down from the skies at the back of the house, landing in the back of the house. He tried to get up to see what it was but he was frozen, he could not move. All he could think of was that a flying saucer has landed in the back yard. 

He thought that he had a proof because the weeds were high up there, as this was way-up in the middle of the country. He will take a pictures tomorrow. 

He heard some people, it sounded like coming through the weeds, up to the house. 


The next thing he knew was that he was just walking through the house, and it was morning time, and he could not figure where he was, or what he was doing. Finally he remembered that he was cleaning up and mowing. So he entered the last bit of stuff in to the truck. 


That started about 20 years of a compulsion that he had of thinking:

"I have forgotten something."

He would leave the house and he would have to come back 8-10 times sometimes to check the lights, make sure he has locked the doors, because he knew that he has forgotten something. 

One Sunday afternoon, when he was in the US Army Remote Viewing unit for about 5 years, he and his wife were going somewhere and he has gone back, and back, and back, checking, and checking, and checking. Finally his wife stood in the front of him and said:

"Well, did you check the roof top? Did you check the back yard?"

The minute she said “Did you check the back yard ?” it all came flooding back to him, the whole abduction experience. It was just overpowering. 

He had a benefit of hawing controlled remote viewing training, large part of which is weeding-out thoughts, information. So he has started running through the process of weeding-out false information out of everything that he remembered. And there was quite bit of it. 



What he finally did remember and came up with some fair proof on, was that, at that night back in east Texas, the people had came around the house, and had, evidently, taken him in to the ship. 


The next thing he remembered of it was sitting there in the row of seats, and that the seats were empty to his right, and that there was a window over there. 

To his left was this little old women. He tried talking to her but she was like a zombie, she was scared to death. 


Then this real tall guy came walking by and he was not human. He was, at least, 6.5 to 7 feet tall and just build like a muscle builder. As he came walking by, Lyn said:

“Excuse me, my I sit by the window?”

He turned and looked at Lyn and fear came over his face. He turned and, actually, ran out of the room they were in. 

Pretty soon he and two others like him came back and there was this little gray that was in the front of them. They were, actually, sort-of hiding behind the gray, they were grouped together, they were going to keep the gray between them and Lyn because they were evidently just scared to death of him. 

The gray came up and started talking to him, and tried to put him beck under but it did not work. So, finally the gray said:

“Look, we have work to do” 

and brought him up front where they were working, where they can keep an eye on him so he could not get in to the trouble. He knelt down beside the gray as he lifted the ship off and they would sat down and this tall guys would go out, bring somebody else in and then he would lift-off and sat down somewhere again, and they would go out, bring some people in. Lyn was asking questions and gray was showing him how to control the control panel. He was, basically, answering every question Lyn has ever had.


They took a long journey then that lasted about 30 minutes and gray let Lyn try to handle the control board. Lyn has very large hands. When Lyn asked to try it, gray said:

“No, human hands are to small”, 

on which Lyn lifted his hand to show him that he has large hands. Grays and Lyn’s hands were the same size although gray was 3.5 feet tall. Finally gray let Buchanan fly the thing with very close supervision. It was like holding a kid in a lap and letting it steer the car.


They got where they were going and it was not Earth. It was very dark place. It was day time because the sun was out and it was very warm, but it was very dark as it in the middle of night. There were two other ships there. 

Gray let Lyn go back with the other people and they finally got out, and formed the line along the pass that went along the hillside. As they walked along gray came up and grabbed him out of the line and said:

“I have somebody you want to talk to”

and sat him down on the hillside. Lyn just sat there, played with grass and looked around. The grass was solid black which sort of surprised him. He still does not know why this stuck out so vividly in his mind. 


The other people went on that pathway to pavilion on the top of the hill and there were screams, belly laughs. Just a mixture of the belly laughs and horrid screams the whole time they were up there. 


Pretty soon another gray came up and asked him to hold up his hand. When Lyn did this gray placed his hand against Lyn’s and they had a long conversation. 

It took Lyn the longest time to figure out, after he has remembered all this, what they have talked about, but, basically gray said they needed pilots and offered him a job. On this Lyn said:

“Yes, but I will have to go back and get my family."

Gray said:

“No families, we are at war” 

at what Lyn replied that without his family he won’t do it. 

Gray did not say with whom they were in war with.


After this gray went away, first gray, the pilot, sat on beside him to wait for the other people up from hill. They talked for a while. Lyn remembers he wanted to ask him what was going on up there, but he did not want to get involved in it, he was trying to ignore it as much as possible. 

Instead he asked him what they were doing there and gray said that they were a small contingency of only three ships and that different units have different purposes. Their purpose was a medical one. What they were doing was they were abducting people. They come in contact with lot of diseases as they go from planet to planet. 

Gray said that humans are, basically, antibody factories. So they were implanting their disease tissues in to humans and then picking them up again later on and getting their antibody samples so they can create medicines and antidotes for their own people.

Lyn has asked about the implants. Gray answered, with chuckle, that the implant is not that thing humans are finding, which is just a little tip of the instrument. He said that the implant is, actually, the peace of meat around it. The actual sells of tissue that are right adjacent to that is what they have implanted. 

From what Lyn has figured out later if they would take the tissue around those things they are calling implants they would, probably, found out that they have different DNA in it.


Meanwhile, people started pilling back down from the hill and Lyn got back in the line with them and the pilot got busy with his business. They were standing at the bottom of the ship waiting to go back in. 

Gray came over and pulled Lyn out off the line again and said that it will be a while, so they stood there and talked. Lyn remembers asking him:

“Please let me remember all of this”

and gray replied:

“Well, you want”.


The next thing he remembered was waking up, wondering around the house not knowing who he was or what he was doing, and it was the next day.



When he remembered all this he went back to the unit and told them about experience he had. 

A person reported him back at the chain of the command. The following week he was at DIA at the seventh floor, going to see the director, and this two man in completely black suits, looking like Jehovah’s Witnesses without their watch towers were there. 

He has worked with them before, so he knew who they are. They are just professional interrogators. 


They stepped down in to the hallway and funneled him off in to a conference room, and started asking him about his experience. 

There are always two of them and one sits over to the side while the other one interviews you. 

The one that sits off to the side is quite often not a professional interrogator. Quite often he is a person from the unit who needs the interrogation done. He is a local expert. That was evidently this time the case. Lyn has thought immediately that they were checking if he has gone crazy. 

They were not, they were extremely interested in this control panel and how it worked. One of the tricks they use is to use the same question in about five different ways over the period of time to see if you trip your self up. So the second time when he asked Lyn how to work this control panel, Lyn re-explained, but the guy over to his left side slapped his knee over with his hand and said:

“So, that’s it”. 

That guy is supposed to sit there and shut up so Lyn knew immediately that that was not a trained interrogator. This had to be some guy who had one of this things and did not know how to fly it. 

The interrogator, sitting in front of Lyn did not make any facial changes at all, but his ears got just beef-red. Within like 10 seconds the interview was over and they were gone. 



Then later at work a buddy told him that maybe all this was not imagination.


Later on he was out on a special mission that they went on every now and then. Lyn was at the location and met a guy that he has known way years before in the military. They got talking and after asking his friend what he is doing he was answered with question what his clearance was. Lyn answered and his friend said:

“Oh well, we will just call in and get the permission for you to come in and see what I am doing”. 

They called, checked-up his clearance, it was OK, and his friend took him in to facility where he worked. Here they had several debris-field type things, like those hangars where they sort out the plane crashes. Evidently what they have had was that the fighter plane had collided with the UFO and they had debris field reconstructed in there. All you could see was peaces of junk, scarp metal and all. 

They were walking along and his friend was telling him about how they reconstruct the collision from this debris. He friend did not mention UFO so far when he bumped in to one of this control panels, and Lyn blurred out:

“Oh, this is out of the UFO, isn’t it?”


All of the sudden a Colonel came rushing over and gave them bumps rush out of there and threatened Lyn with death or worse if he talked about it or revealed the location or anything like that. 


For Lyn this was the feed-back because he actually sow that one of the control panels was right there. So, the US government has some of this equipment. 

In scrap form at least.


Many of the people in the Unit have had some kind of UFO experiences.

Lyn Buchanan retired from Army after he has fully completed his term.


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