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RIJEKA 10-21-00


UPDATED 11-27-00













Yes, here goes a second chemplain without airplane (blow-up of the chemtrail detail from the image on the right is above) flaying inland, in the same north-west south-east, non-existing corridor, spraying substance which disappears. 

Many locals shall have a flu soon.

First one just flew by a minute ago (CLICK HERE)

Third followed two minutes after, 4 km to the left, following the sea shore and going in the same direction, to the south-east. Because of the sun glare, the image is not spectacular. 


It is difficult to describe faithfully the filing one has when he is alone, among the multitude which is going after their every Saturday lives, noticing this signs and knowing what follows this night and afterwards.


Let's move the car towards the center of the town, distant some 500 meters. There is a nice terrace. Best place to sit, to sip a coup of coffee and to look for what comes next.


It did not take long. At 12:15 a fourth airplane goes in same direction. After almost a week of clear and free skies it is starting to get crowded.

To see what this resulted with (CLICK HERE).


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