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CREATED: 08-28-2001

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Now, for the latest response....Besides the letters from Congressman McCrery, I also received a "hand-out" pamphlet attempting to explain the "line clouds", as they are now called...what we folks refer to as "Chemtrails". Gotta love it, "line clouds"...that is definitely a "new" and innovative term to describe those filthy trails we are all witnessing. 


EPA broschure on chemtrails, page 1


The pamphlet is well put together, complete with some color photos and insets of these "line clouds" and even aircraft spewing supposedly normal contrails. I find it intriguing that such a pamphlet has to even be in existence. I feel like there are several "discrepancies" in this "contrails 101" undertaking. 


First of all, the article states that there are no harmful ingredients in jet fuel. It is stated that all jet fuel is checked and monitored...I can't imagine such a vast endeavor being successful when there is so much trouble in our pharmaceutical industry and FDA in general. I strongly feel that not all ingredients in jet fuel are benign. It is claimed there is no ethylene dibromide or lead in the fuel. I also question the validity of this claim.


A lot of "big" words are used to describe the kinds of "studies" being done about the atmosphere but seems to be all "eye-wash",as no real, definitive answers or results are given as to the effects of the "line clouds" on our atmosphere. The fact that we are supposed to take as "Gospel" what the United Nations Environment Program has said is unacceptable and cause for a healthy amount of suspicion! It is unsettling to read also, that changes in jet fuel and air traffic may have effects on the atmosphere different from what we have today, yet nothing is mentioned as to the affect and possible consequences of such changes. I find that rather disturbing.




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